The Athenian Feast

Enjoy creating this delectable Greek Feast with an abundance of fresh, healthy ingredients and evocative Mediterranean flavors.

-$125. per person-
Includes all instruction, recipes, food cost, equipment, taxes and lots of fun!

Horiatiki Salata (Greek Vegetable Salad)
Fresh lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, lemon juice, oregano and olive oil
Fournisto Arni (Roast Herbed Leg of Lamb)
Succulent roast leg of lamb with oregano, carrots, rosemary, garlic and fresh lemon
Hortopita (Fillo Tort w/ Chard-Spinach-Dill-Feta)
Layered fillo tort with chard, spinach,dill, fennel and ricotta 
Revani Cake (Semolina Cake w/ Orange Blossom Syrup)
Semolina-lemon cake soaked in orange blossom syrup and topped with toasted almonds

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  • Great for team buildings, showers, birthdays, holidays or any occasion

  • Book a private group of 6 or more and choose a menu and date that works with your schedule.

  • Classes are limited in size - Call or e-mail to reserve a space: 

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