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Chef Joe's Culinary Salon
Celebrating our 12th Year!
Awarded Best Cooking Teacher and Cooking Classes in San Francisco!
The Best "Hands On" Cooking Classes In San Francisco!

Due to Covid 19 Classes won't be available until we are able to Safely gather. I look forward to having one day soon !

August 2020: click on class title for details

Southern Comfort/ Thursday, August 6th/ 6pm to 9pm *special* (110.) per person/ N/A

Delicious, soulful and robustly flavorful down-home southern cooking with a fresh updated approach ! Sweetbriar Summer Slaw, Bourbon-Whiskey-BBQ Chicken with an amazing homemade Tangy, Smokey-Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Fried Green Tomatoes and Strawberry Shortcake with scratch made buttermilk biscuits.

The Spanish Tapas Bar/ Andalusian Nights/ Tuesday, August 11th/ 6pm to 9pm *special* (110.) per person/  N/A

Submerge yourself in an evening of delight and wonder, creating this splendid array of delectable Spanish tapas dishes! Buñuelos (manchego cheese puffs), Espárragos con salsa Romesco (char-griddled asparagus w/ romesco sauce), Tortillitas de Gambas (shrimp fritters), Piquillos Rellenos con Queso de Cabra (piquillo peppers stuffed w/ herbed goat cheese) Mejillones

al Vapor (steamed mussels with ginger, garlic, turmeric and white wine)

Tomato Harvest Fest/ Saturday, August 15th/ 11am to 2pm (95.) per person/  N/A

Celebrate  the summer season with these imaginative, mouthwatering, market fresh tomato creations! Sunburst Tomato-Cheddar Biscuit Cobbler, Insalata di Pomodoro e Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomato Puff Pastry Tarts and an amazing Tomato-Avocado Fattoush Salad

Pub Night Favorites! Thursday, August 20th/ 6pm to 9pm *special* only (95.) per person/ N/A
Fun, Casual and Delicious! Fish and Chips- Perfect-golden-crisp, beer battered Fish, hand-cut and deep fried Chips (French fries), Pub Salad w/ Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing and Sticky Toffee Pudding! You are welcome to bring beer to this class!

A Touch of India/ Tuesday, August 25th/ 6pm to 9pm/ (110.) per person/ N/A

Fresh, flavorful, healthy and delicious Indian cooking! A beautiful combination of enticing vegetarian dishes and an amazing chicken dish-rounded off with handcrafted flatbreads and raita sauce. Roti/Chapati/ Phulkas (handmade in class: puffed whole wheat Indian flatbreads) Curried Cauliflower-Sweet Potato-Chickpea Stew, Chicken Tikka Masala with Raita and Madras Curried Root Vegetable-Ginger Stew

Essentials in Chicken Cookery/ Saturday, August 29th/ 11am to 2pm *special* (95.) per person/ 
An absolute must for novices, home cooks and chef’s alike. Implement the essential techniques and methods of chicken cookery that will empower you to create the most delicious, simple to make, “go to” chicken dishes each and every time! In this class we’ll make a Succulent Whole Roasted Free-Range Chicken (with herb bundle and fresh lemon), Chicken Jardinière (braised chicken leg and thigh with pancetta, garden vegetables, mushrooms, white wine and herbs) and Sautéed Chicken Breast Paillards Provençal (with tomatoes, white wine, garlic, oregano, basil and olives)

September 2020: click on class title for details
The Casablanca to Marrakesh Connection/ Thursday, September 3rd/ 6pm to 9pm (125.) per person/ 
Embark on an amazing culinary adventure creating these enticingly delicious Moroccan masterpieces! Orange-Radish-Mint Salad (Shlada Litchine Wa ’L’ Fegel), Fish Tagine w/ Layers of Firm White Fish, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lemons, Spices, Chermoula Sauce, Olives and Dried Figs (Hout Tungera), Chermoula Sauce, Char-grilled Eggplant with Spicy Caramelized Onions (Mezghaldi B’Besla Bil Boudenjal) and Almond Macaroon Biscuit Cookies (Ghoriba B’ Looz)
Knife Skills Class/ Tuesday, September 8th/ 6pm to 9pm (75.) per person/ N/A
An essential for home cooks, chefs, novices and culinary wizards alike. Learn to hone, sharpen, position, slice, dice, chiffonade, mince, julienne and more... just like a pro!  
Soufflé Class/ Sweet and Savory! Saturday, September 12th/ 11am to 2pm (95.) per person/ N/A

Master the artistry and sublime elegance in creating these delectable, light and airy sweet and savory soufflés! Fun and easy to make once you know the techniques and  personal tips * Shrimp-Chive-Tarragon-Parmesan Soufflés * Skillet-Lemon Soufflé w/ Berry Coulis  * Cheddar Cheese-Fines Herbes Soufflés  and * Dark Chocolate Soufflés * We'll make them all!

The French Chef “A Tribute To Julia” Thursday, September 17th/ 6pm to 9pm (125.) per person/ N/AN/A

In the spirit of the late-great Julia Child and Auguste Escoffier we’ll create this amazing French Burgundian feast, implementing classic and modern French techniques and methods of cooking. Céleri Root Rémoulade, Bœuf Bourguignon, Haricots Verts with Shallots, Pommes de Terre au Four and Mixed Berry Clafoutis. This class is approachable to all learning levels!

Le Petit French Café/ Saturday, September 19th/ 11am to 2pm (110.) per person/ N/A

Delicious, upscale comfort foods typical of your favorite little neighborhood French Café: Learn to make the flakiest pie crusts along with the "blind bake" technique, create awesome mouthwatering Savory Quiches, a sublime Tomato-Basil Soup, Salade Mâche with the perfect French vinaigrette dressing and the show stopping dessert finale Café Liégeois

Barcelona Nights/ Spanish Cuisine Menu/ Thursday, September 24th/ 6pm to 9pm (125.) per person/ N/A

Enjoy an enchanting evening creating this awe-inspiring, mouthwatering Spanish Cuisine Menu! Pollo a la Española (braised chicken with bell peppers, tomatoes, lardons, garlic, paprika and onions) Acelgas con Pasas y Piñones (sautéed red chard with pine nuts, cinnamon and raisins) Ensaladilla (salad with new potatoes, artichoke hearts, green beans, olives, cornichon, peas and garlic alioli dressing) and “Gypsy’s Arm Cake” (flourless dark chocolate-mocha roulade cake, drizzled with sherry wine and rolled up with whipped cream)

The Breakfast Club/ Saturday, September 26th/ 11am to 2pm (95.) per person/ N/A

A fun filled Saturday creating this scrumptiously delicious breakfast-bruncheon feast! Learn to make the perfect poached eggs for eggs Florentine, creamed spinach in béchamel sauce, a delicious buttery-lemony hollandaise sauce, the best scratch made crunchy granola, souffléed blueberry-buttermilk pancakes and more! Blueberry “Souffléed” Pancakes, Eggs Florentine, Home-Made Rolled Oat-Walnut-Cardamom-Currant Granola and Citrus Fruit Mélange

October 2020: click on class title for details 
Adventures in Egg Cookery! Saturday, October 3rd/ 11am to 2pm (95.) per person
A fun, palette pleasing adventure through the techniques and versatility of egg cookery! In this class we’ll create an incredible repertoire of delicious egg cookery dishes including: Breakfast Egg Strata, Classic French Omelette aux Fines Herbes, Eggs in Purgatory and Poached Eggs on Avocado-Multi Grain Toast, Chives and Green Onions…yum! These versatile egg dishes are great for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner! Plus, tips and recipes on soft and hardboiled eggs.

Pierogi and Pirozhki Festival! Saturday, October 10th/ 11am to 2pm (95.) per person

In this class we'll create a bounty of handmade Polish style Pierogi and Russian style Pirozhki, both styles are absolutely delicious! The Polish Pierogi is made with a dumpling style dough, filled with potato, cheddar and chives, poached, then fried in butter and onions. The Russian style Pirozhki is made with a yeast dough, filled with seasoned ground beef and aromatic vegetables and baked off to a golden brown. We'll also make jam and fruit filled Pirozhki, baked off and dusted with powdered sugar! YUM!!! 

The Great Wraps of Asia/ TBD  (110.) per person/ 3 hour class

In this class we’ll create an alluring array of the most delicious, freshly made Asian inspired wraps and dumplings. Chinese Pot Stickers (Jiǎozi) with soy-ginger dipping sauce, Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps with lemon grass, Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves, Filipino Lumpia with sweet chili sauce and Vietnamese Spring Rolls with peanut sauce. These are an absolute hit at cocktail parties, luncheons and dinner parties! Really fun to make!

Pasta Sauce Class/ YUM! TBD (95.) per person/ 3 hour class

In this class we’ll create a sumptuous bounty of delicious, homemade Italian pasta sauces that will sure to be your go to favorites. Great for stocking up the freezer, pantry or in the fridge to enjoy now and for days to come. We’ll use quality, spring harvest-Durum wheat-semolina dried pastas which will be cooked to order to accompany our freshly made sauces: Spaghetti Carbonara, Penne alla Puttanesca Sauce, Pasta w/ Basil-Spinach-Garlic-Walnut-Pesto sauce and Rigatoni w/ Bolognese Sauce

The French Macaron Class/ TBD (95.) per person/ 3 hour class

In this class we'll create a tempting array of these light, airy, sublime and slightly crisp meringue-cookies with a delightful tender chew on the inside, sandwiched together with a  variety of mouthwatering fillings such as: chocolate ganache, jams, flavored buttercreams, pistachio cream, peppermint, raspberry, lemon curd and more. In class we’ll make a variety of at least 4 different flavors!

Classes to resume early Spring 2021, schedule will be posted soon!

Dates are available for Private Group Classes and Team Buildings!

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