American Dessert Favorites!

Time to cook up the best all time American dessert favorites with easy to follow recipes, handy tips and prize-winning results!

All 4 desserts (110.) per person or pick 3 desserts (95.) per person/ 3-hour class

Includes all instruction, recipes, food cost, equipment, taxes and lots of fun!

Chocolate Layer Cake w/ Chocolate Buttercream Frosting/ The Best Chocolate Cake! Rich and moist chocolate layer cake with a decadent chocolate buttercream frosting
Puff Pastry Cherry Turnovers
Luscious, juicy Morello cherry filled puff pastry turnovers, baked to a golden brown & finished with royal icing
Lemon-Lime Méringue Pie
Tart n' tangy fresh lemon-lime cream pie in a flaky scratch made crust, piled high

w/ fluffy baked meringue
Classic Apple Pie à la mode
Layers of sliced Granny Smith apples laced with cinnamon, sugar and a touch of cardamom, baked in a flaky scratch made crust, served warm with vanilla ice cream!