Barcelona Nights/ Spanish Cuisine Menu

Enjoy an enchanted evening creating this awe-inspiring,
mouthwatering Spanish Cuisine Menu! 

Thursday, October 14th/ 6pm to 9pm
($125.) per person! Inclusive

(includes taxes, service fee, recipes, food, equipment, helper, plenty to eat and lot's of fun!)

CLICK HERE: Payment and Class Registration Form

Ensaladilla Rusa
A favorite at Tapas Bars throughout Spain this “Salad of Little Things” aka Russian Salad is a tantalizing salad comprised of new potatoes, green beans, artichoke hearts, diced carrots, cornichon, olives, peas and alioli dressing
Pollo a la Española 
Browned and b
raised chicken thighs with paprika, red and green bell peppers, white wine, parsley, garlic, onions, pancetta and tomatoes
Acelgas con Pasas y Piñones
Sautéed Red or Swiss chard with red onions, raisins, 
pine nuts and a touch of cinnamon
Brazos de Gitano/ Gypsy’s Arm Cake
A rich dark chocolate-coffee flourless roulade cake, laced with Sherry wine and rolled up with a whipped cream filling. A favorite on feast days in Barcelona.