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Appetizers, Soups & Desserts:
 The Pie Shop
$95.00 per person per class
Get ready to bake up a storm and create the best holiday pies ever!

$95.00 per person per class
Create a host of flavorful easy to make appetizers, perfect for any festive occasion!

Soup Class
$95.00 per person per class
Keep cozy and warm with these nourishing dishes.
The Dessert Shop
$95.00 per person per class
A variety of mini desserts that are easy to make and sure to please!
 Red, White, & Blueberry
$95.00 per person per class
Enjoy these festive summery desserts that are tasty, fun to make, and patriotic!

Chef's Favorite Summertime Desserts

$95.00 per person per class 
From the berry patch to the orchard, enjoy these luscious, sweet summertime treats

Savory European Pastries 
$95.00 per person per class 
Delicious, savory tarts and pastries made with puff pastry, pâte brisée and Alsatian style pizza dough!

Patisserie Francaise and a Trip through the Chunnel
$95.00 per person per class
Master these classic treats perfect for your everyday reperatoire. Includes creme patisserie, classic pate sucre, lemon curd, pate a choux and learn to love a real scone. 

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner:

American Regional Menus
$125.00 per person per class
Experience the diverse melting pot of American Regional Cuisine.

Street Food Menus
$95.00 per person per class
Tasty exuberant foods found throughout the streets of America.

The Breakfast Club
$95.00 per person per class
Indulge in these luxurious and tasty mid-morning fares.

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus
$95.00 per person per class
Vegetarian cooking at it's finest!
 Fish Cookery
$125.00 per person per class
Learn all the great tips and techniques for preparing these tasty fish dishes.

Sandwich Shop Favorites  
$95.00 per person per class 
Create the best... Learn to make these delectable sandwich shop favorites with that professional touch!

The Farmers Market Bounty 
$95.00 per person per class  
A bounty of “easy to make” market fresh summer dishes

The Pot Pie Party
$95.00 per person per class
Learn to make a healthy bounty of the best pot pies, great for your freezer stockpile

The Steak House
$125.00 per person per class
Whole New York Strip Loin cut into a variety of steaks (loin, club, etc.) implemented with grilling, pan frying, and roasting techniques along with classic sauce accompaniments

Egg Cookery
$95.00 per person per class

Learn the artful techniques, versatility and subtle nuances of egg cookery

Let’s Make Pancakes!
$95.00 per person per class

A veritable plethora of delicious mouthwatering pancakes with real maple syrup and crispy bacon

 Saute a la Minute!
$95.00 per person per class
Pork and chicken made "to the minute" with a selection of quick, delicious pan sauces.

Summer Fresh Main Course Salads  
$95.00 per person per class 
Composed market-fresh main course salads perfect for luncheons or lighter evening meals

The Great Dungeness Crab Boil
$125.00 per person per class
Celebrate crab season with the tastiest “hands on” crab boil in San Francisco!

$125.00 per person per class

$95.00 per person per class
Fresh handmade pressed tortillas, griddled with a delicious variety of savory fillings and toppings


Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Menu
$95.00 per person per class
Chock Full o’ Flavor and Digestible Goodness!


Spanish Cuisine Menus
$125.00 per person per class
Take an enchanting culinary journey through the regions of Spain

The Paella Festival
$125.00 per person per class

Learn the skillful techniques of creating these famed rice dishes from the Spanish region of Valencia

Tapas Classes
$95.00 per person per class
Enjoy creating an array of these delectable “little dishes” from Spain

The Italian Trattoria
$125.00 per person per class
Take a culinary journey throughout the regions of
Italy without the jet lag
Il Primo Piatto
$95.00 per person per class
Master the artistry of creating these hand crafted
Italian first courses - Choose from: Pizza, Gnocchi, Pasta & Risotto classes
Italiano Classico!
$125.00 per person per class
Experience the passion of these fantastic Italian regional classics!
Anti-Pasti Party
$95.00 per person per class
Create a tasty variety of these savory Italian appetizers.
La Pasticceria
$95.00 per person per class
Indulge in the sweet magic of these classic Italian delectables.
La Pizzeria
$95.00 per person per class
Make the perfect home-made pizza dough with all your favorite toppings!
The Art of Gnocchi
$95.00 per person per class
Learn the art of crafting these sublime handmade gnocchi

Pasta Sauce Class
$95.00 per person per class
Create these delicious pasta sauce classics which will sure to be your “go to” favorites!

IL Polio (Italian Chicken Classics)
$95.00 per person per class
Learn to make the trio of these most popular Italian-American restaurant favorites w/ additional sauce recipes
Pasta Secca featuring Penne, Farfalle, and Ditalini  
$95.00 per person per class 
Create culinary magic with these three perfectly prepared “saucy” dried pasta dishes*with bonus pesto recipe… abbondanza!

The French Café
$95.00 per person per class
Create and enjoy these traditional comfort foods of the French Café
Le Bistro
$125.00 per person per class
Create these cozy traditional meals of the French bistro
New French Menus
$125.00 per person per class
Master the art of these approachable French classics.
Classic French Sauces
$125.00 per person per class
Learn the ins and outs of the classic French "mother sauces" and their derivatives.
Soufflés-Salées et Sucrées
(Sweet and savory souffles)
$95.00 per person per class
Master the artistry of these delectable, light and airy sweet and savory soufflés!
Crêpe Cookery
$95.00 per person per class
A French favorite, we'll create the perfect delicate crepes with a host of savory and sweet fillings.

Le Restaurant Francais
$125.00 per person per class
Elevate your palate and repertoire to these enticing yet approachable "haute cuisine" menus.

The Flavors of Old Algiers in the Streets of Paris
125.00 per person per class
Sojourn down the dim lit side streets of Paris and discover the enchanting foods of the Maghreb 

Everyday French Cooking
95.00 per person per class
Explore the basics and simplicity of everyday French cooking with the most satisfying results

The Brasserie Alsace-Lorraine
$95.00 per person per class
Enjoy these hearty "German style" comfort foods from the north-eastern region of France.

Pays Basque Cuisine
$125.00 per person per class
Celebrate the illustrious cuisine of the northern Basque region of France

Other Regional Menus:

Stockholm to Marrakesh
$125.00 per person per class
Menus from Scandinavia, Austria/Germany,
Hungary, Greece,
Turkey,  Algeria and Morocco
Asian Cuisine
125.00 per person per class
Chinese and Thai cuisine menus.
Caribbean Island Cooking
$125.00 per person per class
Immerse yourself in the vibrant and exotic flavors of the Caribbean. Featuring Cuba, Jamaica, San Juan, Martinique and more!

South of the Border Salsa and Sauces
$95.00 per person per class
Mexican mole, Chilean Pebre, Argentinian chimchurri, and salsa roja! with accompaniments

 Casablanca to Marrakesh

$125.00 per person per class

Enjoy a cozy evening creating these exotic, healthy and comforting Morrocon dishes

Mediterranean Odyssey
$125.00 per person per class
Take a culinary journey through the far reaches of the Mediterranean.

Holiday Food:
 Learn To Make Traditional Thanksgiving Meal w/the Fixins
$125.00 per person per class
Your gateway to a stress free Thanksgiving meal. 

Christmas Around the World
$125.00 per person per class
Greek and Scandinavian Holiday Menu's

Thanksgiving Side Dishes 
$95.00 per person per class

Create a bounty of delicious side dishes that are sure to be hit at your holiday table.

The Holiday "Cookie Jar"
$95.00 per person per class
Everyone loves cookies! Warm up the house with these scrumptious holiday goodies! 

Valentine's Aphrodisiac Class
$250.00 per couple
Dim the lights... it's the night for lovers

St. Patrick's Day Celebration
$125.00 per class
Calling all leprechauns, beat the crowds and enjoy a fun, cozy night out with these tasty Irish favorites 

The Vegetarian Thanksgiving
$95.00 per person per class
The Vegetarian Thanksgiving menu gives you a great balanced, satisfying and tasty alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving meal

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