Elevate your palate and repertoire to these enticing yet approachable “haute cuisine” menus.

$125.00 per person/per class
Includes all instruction, food cost, menus and dinner

Le Restaurant Français Menu 1:

Escargot à la Bourguignonne (Antonin Carême)
  (Escargot baked in bubbly hot garlic-herb butter)
Paupiettes de Sole au Vin Blanc
  (Rolled filet of sole with shrimp mousse baked, and finished in a white wine sauce)
Épinards en Timbale
  (Spinach and leek custard baked in individual ramekins)
Pastis Gascon         
  (Flakey apple pastry, scented in orange blossom water and brandy, baked to golden brown)

Le Restaurant Français Menu 2:

Oysters Rockefeller (Jules Alciatore/ Antoine's Restaurant, New Orleans circa 1899)
  (Oysters baked on a bed of creamed spinach, bacon, and Pernod with a crunchy crumb topping)
Bœuf Bourguignon “Cuisine of the Rose”
  (Beef, stewed in a rich red wine broth with fresh herbs, mushroom, carrots and pearl onions)
Salad Verte à la Créme
  (Fresh salad greens tossed in cream, egg yolk, vinegar and herb sauce)
Cassolettes  Meringuées
  (Black cherries in red wine, cinnamon and a hint of cardamom, baked with meringue topping)

Le Restaurant Français Menu 3:

Potage Saint-Germain
  (Cream of fresh pea soup, with a touch of mint topped with croutons)
Canard à l'Orange
  (Roast duck with a bittersweet orange-sauce jus lié and brown rice pilaf)
Petit Légumes
  (Assortment of sautéed baby turnips, carrots, and green beans)
Mousse au Chocolat
  (Classic chocolate mousse with a touch of Grand Marnier and crème Chantilly)