Master the art of these approachable French classics.

$125.00 per person/ per class

Includes all instruction, food cost, menus and dinner

New French Menus I:

Coeurs de Romaine avec Sauce au Roquefort
  (Hearts of Romain with Roquefort Dressing)
Poulet Sauté Marengo (Napoleon’s Legendary Dish)
  (Sautéed chicken with shrimp, tomato, mushrooms, olives and vermouth)
Rice Pilaf avec Pinole
  (Rice pilaf with shallots and toasted pine nuts)
Far Breton (Traditional Custard Cake from Brittany)
  (Custardy pudding cake, studded with brandy-soaked prunes)

New French Menus II:

Coeur de Laitue et Salade de Pamplemousse
  (Butter lettuce, radish and grapefruit salad, with vinaigrette sauce)
Filet de Boeuf Roti avec Sauce au Poivre Vert
  (Roast beef tenderloin with Madeira and green peppercorn sauce)
Pomme Savoyarde
  (Scalloped potatoes with herbs, onions and cheese)
Beignets aux Pommes
(Apple fritters dusted with confectioners’ sugar)

New French Menus III:

Petits Pois dans un nid de Poivron Rouge
  (Puree of spring peas cradled in red bell pepper nest)
Fillet of Sole Alexandre Dumas
  (Sole fillets layered with fresh herbs, white wine and a crusty crumb topping)
Pommes de Terre Persil
  (Creamer potatoes with butter and parsley)
Cherries Jubilee
  (Cherries flambéed in kirshwasser and served over ice cream)