Master the artistry of creating these hand crafted Italian first courses!

$95.00 per person/per class
Includes all instruction, food cost, menus and dinner

Primo Piatto I - The Perfect Risotto:

Risotto con Spinaci e Gorgonzola
  (risotto with spinach, fennel and gorgonzola)
Risotto con I Gamberi
  (risotto with shrimp, garlic and parsley)
Radicchio Brasato
  (braised radicchio)
Melone alla Menta
  (melon with fresh chiffonade of mint)

Primo Piatto II - Hand Made Pasta:

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci con Salsa di Basilico
  (fresh ravioli filled w/ spinach-ricotta and basil pesto sauce)
Fettuccini in Salsa Bianca
  (fresh fettuccini with cream and parmesan cheese sauce)
Insalata Mista
  (mixed tender greens with sauce vinaigrette)
Fragole con Aceto Balsamico
  (strawberries, with balsamic vinegar syrup)

Primo Piatto III - Mastering Gnocchi:

Gnocchi con Salsa di Pomodoro
  (potato gnocchi with savory tomato basil sauce)
Gnocchi alla Romana
  (semolina gnocchi baked with fresh herbs and parmesan)
Spinaci con Aglio
  (spinach sautéed with garlic, olive oil and fresh lemon)
Frutta di Bosco
  (fresh berries with mascarpone) 

Primo Piatto IV - Pizza Party:

Traditional Margherita
  (tomatoes, mozzeralla and basil)
  (potatoes, apples, gorgonzola and a white sauce)
  (seasonal vegetables)
Del Giorno
(build your own pizza with mushrooms, sausage, peppers, onions etc)

Buon Appetito!

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