St Patrick’s Day Celebration 

Hey all you leprechauns, beat the crowds and enjoy a fun, cozy night out with these tasty Irish favorites

$125.00 per class (per person)
Includes all instruction, food cost, menus and dinner

Irish Cheese Board
A handsome display of Porter Cheddar, Dubliner, Cashel Blue, Pears and Soda Crackers
The Dublin Salad
Bibb lettuce, watercress, beets, and cucumbers with a creamy tarragon dressing
Cottage Beef and Potato Casserole
raised ground beef, herb and aromatic root vegetable casserole baked off with a mash potato topping.
Bailey’s Irish Chocolate-Mint Cream Pie!
Silky Bailey’s Irish cream pie with chocolate-mint cookie crumb crust
Bonus Libations! * Black and Tan
50/50 blend of Harpers Lager and Guinness Stout