Enjoy creating an array of these delectable “little dishes” from Spain.

$95.00 per person/per class
Hands-on classes include instruction, food cost, recipes, and good eats!

Spanish Tapas I:

Gambas en Chocolate
Sautéed prawns in spicy chocolate sauce
Spanish style, rectangular shaped  pizza with caramelized onions, raisins, anchovies, herbs and olives, baked to golden brown and cut into squares.
Melón, Jamón y Queso
Skewered melon cubes, mountain cured ham and herbed cheese
Mejillones con Azafrán Aioli
Chilled, poached mussels with a creamy saffron aioli and chives

Spanish Tapas II:

Albóndigas en Salsa Chipotle Quemado
Meatballs in “burnt” chipotle and tomato sauce
Almejas al Vapor
Steamed clams with ginger, garlic, turmeric and white wine
Pimientos Rojos Asados
Marinated roasted bell peppers, olives, orange zest and herbs
Manchego cheese choux puffs

Spanish Tapas III:

Croquetas de Pollo y Jamón
Chicken and ham croquettes
Tortilla de Patatas
Spanish egg torta with potato, bell pepper and onion
Mejillones al Vapor en Vino Blanco
Steamed mussels in white wine and herbs
Champiñones Marínate
Marinated mushrooms with garlic and rosemary

Spanish Tapas IV:

Calamares Fritos
Quick fried calamari with garlic, lemon and smoked paprika
Pinchitos Moruños
Grilled marinated pork skewers with Arabic spices
Empanadas with spinach, currants and pine nuts
Patatas Bravas
Potatoes with spicy tomato sauce