Classic French Sauces

    Learn to make Classic French sauces like a professional chef! This class combines the most important aspects of both sauce I and II in one comprehensive 3 hour workshop. In this very approachable “hands on” class, we will focus on the methods and techniques of creating the essential French “mother” sauces and a variety of their derivative sauces. We will also pair sauces with appropriate proteins, starch and vegetable. Plenty to learn and plenty of good eats in this class!

Saturday, November 9 (11am to 2pm)
$125.00 per class 
Includes all instruction, food cost, menus and dinner

Sauce Espagnol (Classic Brown Sauce) 
(Made from brown beef stock, mirepoix, tomatoes, herbs and thickened with roux) Derivative sauces: Sauce Marchand de Vin, Sauce au Poivre Vert and Sauce Robert
(Made from chicken, fish or white veal stock, mirepoix, and thickened with a roux or liaison) Derivative sauces: Sauce Supreme, Marsala and Piccata
(Basic white sauce made from milk, white pepper, nutmeg and thickened with roux) Derivative sauces: Crème Sauce, Mornay and Cheddar

  • Individuals, groups, couples and kids welcome!
  • Classes are limited in size - Call or e-mail to reserve a space:
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