Keep cozy and warm with these nourishing dishes.


Butternut Squash-Ginger Soup
  (puree of roast butternut squash, ginger and spices)
Beet-Vegetable (Borscht)
  (beet, cabbage and root vegetables in a flavorful broth)
Leek and Potato Soup
  (leek, potato soup with fresh chives and cream)
Smoky Split Pea


Onion Soup Gratin
  (onion soup in a rich wine infused broth finished with a gratinée of bread and gruyere cheese)
Tuscan Bean Soup
  (hearty broth based bean soup with porcini mushroom, prosciutto and diced vegetables)
Cream of Spinach
  (Puree of spinach soup with shallots, nutmeg and a touch of cream)
Mushroom Barley
  (thick soup with mushroom, barley, carrots, onions and spices)