Journey to Jerusalem/ Middle Eastern Vegetarian Favorites

Savor the tantalizing, exotic and exuberant flavors of  
Middle Eastern Vegetarian cooking!!! 

-$110. per person-  

Includes all instruction, recipes, food cost, equipment, taxes and lots of fun!
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Israeli Sabih (Sabich) 
Grilled flatbread topped w/ golden fried eggplant, mango, cucumber-tomato-onion-parsley salad, hard-boiled eggs and zhoug
Falafel Salad with Tahini-Lemon Dressing
ittle gem lettuces, curled carrots, radishes, pickled turnips, red onions, freshly made falafel fritters topped with a zingy lemon-tahini-cardamom dressing
Spicy Cilantro-Parsley Zhoug 
A spicy homemade herb sauce made of ground cilantro, parsley, chilies, cumin, cardamom, garlic and olive oil. Very popular throughout the middle east and northern Africa.
Garlic-Sundried Tomato-Hummus w/ Date Molasses 
A healthy dip made from freshly simmered garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice and sundried tomatoes, served with a fresh vegetable assortment, pita crisps and a drizzle of date molasses