Sweet and Savory Soufflés 

Master the artistry and sublime elegance in creating these delectable, light and airy sweet and savory soufflés! 
Fun and easy to make once you know the techniques and personal tips. We'll make them all! 

-Limit 8 Students Per Class-

Saturday, August 12th, 2020/ 11am to 2pm/ open/ pending

only (95.) per person! Inclusive
(includes taxes, service fee, recipes, food, equipment, helper, plenty to eat and lot's of fun!)

*Cheddar Cheese-Fines Herbes Soufflés *
*Skillet-Lemon-Berry Coulis Soufflé*
*Shrimp-Chive-Tarragon and Parmesan Soufflés *
Chocolate Soufflés*

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