The Paella Festival! Gluten Free

Fun, festive and delicious! Learn the art and mastery in preparing
these three amazing Spanish Paella dishes!

Tuesday October 19th/ 6pm to 9pm/ limit 8 per class
per person/ sold out

Includes all instruction, recipes, food cost, equipment, taxes and lots of fun!

Paella Festival! All 3 Gluten Free!
Paella Marinara
Seafood paella w/ shrimp, mussels, calamari and saffron
Paella con Pollo y Linguiça

Chicken and linguiça paella w/ bell pepper, olives and peas 
Paella Vegetariana

Vegetarian paella with zucchini, edamame, artichoke hearts and tomato
(Note: all dishes made with traditional paella rice)