The Prague to Budapest Connection

Savor the depth, richness and deliciously robust flavors of
 Eastern European, Czech-Hungarian Cuisine.

(125.) per person

Includes all instruction, food cost, equipment, taxes and lots of fun!

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Stuffed Peppers (Töltött Paprika)
Slow cooked red bell peppers stuffed with rice, minced vegetables, spices and tomato sauce
Hungarian Beef Goulash (Pörkölt)
Beef stew in a rich broth with fancy paprika, cider vinegar and root vegetables
Czech Dumplings (Knedlíky)
Czech dumplings cooked in a savory broth or stew
Crispy Pear Strudel (Hruškový závin)
Pear strudel in crispy layers of fillo dough, crushed amaretti cookies, raisins, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and toasted almonds