Scandinavian Smörgåsbord

Health and Happiness in 2022! Chime in the New Year with this tantalizingly delicious Scandinavian Smörgåsbord!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022/ 6pm to 9pm

*special* 125. per person

Includes all instruction, food cost, recipes and full meal

CLICK HERE: Payment and Class Registration Form

Swedish Meatballs

Savory ground beef and pork meatballs seasoned with allspice, nutmeg, parsley and onions browned and baked in a veloute sauce.

Quick Cured Salmon Gravlax

Quick cured dill-tarragon salmon slices on rye crisps with sweet mustard sauce

Jansson’s Temptation / Janssons Frestelse

Potato-onion-cream and anchovy gratin, baked golden-brown

Norwegian Stuffed Eggs w/ Caviar

Deviled eggs topped with lump-fish caviar

Pickled Beet and Cucumber Salad

Pickled beet, sliced cucumber, radish and parsley salad

Sparkling Wine Royale with Crème de Cassis and Raspberries
Prosecco sparkling wine with black currant syrup and raspberries