Spanish Tapas and Spanish Cuisine/ Dinner Menus

All classes listed below are available. 

for Private Group Classes of 6 or more.

-No Mix and Match-

Classes are 3 hours/ 125. to 135. per person/ per class/ inclusive

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Tapas Menus and Paella Fest Menu:

The Tapas Bar/ Andalusian Nights/ Popular Pick! (135.) per person/ 3-hour class*
Enjoy a fun-packed class creating this tantalizing array of delectable Spanish tapas dishes!
Baked choux puffs with manchego, chili flakes and parmesan cheese
Espárragos con salsa Romesco
Char-griddled asparagus with a classic Romesco sauce (a puréed sauce of charred tomatoes, garlic, bread, almonds, hazelnuts, sherry vinegar, Nora or ancho chilies and olive oil.
Tortillitas de Gambas or Tortillitas de Camarones (Andalucía Style)
Shrimp fritters made with chopped prawns or small baby shrimp, chickpea flour, eggs, green onions, paprika and parsley, pan fried in olive oil and served with lemon wedges.
Pimentos de Piquillo Rellenos con Queso de Cabra
Piquillo peppers stuffed w/ herbed goat cheese, broiled and served with toasted crostini.
Mejillones al Vapor
Steamed mussels with ginger, garlic, turmeric and white wine.
*Minimum 8 attendees for this menu.

Spanish Tapas Bar/ A sojourn to Seville/ Popular Pick! (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Albóndigas en Salsa Chipotle Quemado
Browned and braised meatballs cooked in a smoky chili-chipotle-tomato sauce.
Pimientos Rojos Asados
Char-roasted bell peppers w/ rosemary, garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar and olives.
Mejillones al Vapor en Vino Blanco
Steamed mussels in a white wine, turmeric, shallots and fresh herb broth.
Manchego-Parmesan Bunuelos
Baked choux puffs with Manchego, chili flakes and parmesan cheese.

Spanish Tapas I/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Gambas en Chocolate
Sautéed prawns in spicy chocolate sauce.
Spanish style, rectangular shaped pizza with caramelized onions, raisins, anchovies, herbs and olives, baked to golden brown and cut into squares.
Melón, Jamón y Queso
Skewered melon cubes, mountain cured ham and herbed cheese.
Mejillones con Azafrán Aioli
Chilled, poached mussels with a creamy saffron aioli and chives.

Spanish Tapas II/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Croquetas de Pollo y Jamón
Finely minced chicken and ham croquettes, bound in a thick béchamel sauce, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown.
Tortilla de Patatas
Spanish egg torta with potato, bell pepper and onion.
Mejillones al Vapor en Vino Blanco
Steamed mussels in white wine and herbs.
Champiñones Marínate
Marinated mushrooms with garlic and rosemary.

Spanish Tapas III/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Calamares Fritos
Crispy deep-fried calamari with garlic, lemon and paprika.
Pinchitos Morunos
Grilled, skewered marinated pork tenderloin pieces with Moroccan spices.
Empanadas de Espinaca
Empanadas with spinach, cheese, currants and pine nuts.
Patatas Bravas
Fried and roasted potatoes in a spicy Chipotle-Guajillo-chili-tomato sauce.

Spanish Tapas IV/ (125.) per person/ 3- hour class
Tartaletas de Champiñones  
Mushroom tartlets with a cheese, bacon, custard filling.
Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de Chèvre
Broiled Piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, chili flakes and herbs.
Almejas al Vapor
Steamed clams with ginger, garlic, turmeric and white wine.
Pincho de diversos Escabeches (Baderillas)
A variety of tasty, pickled items on miniature skewers with olives, gherkins, anchovy, onions, artichokes, quail eggs and so on, served atop toasted garlic crostini and tomato puree.

The Paella Festival! (135.) per person/ 3-hour class/ Gluten Free
Fun, festive and delicious! Learn the art and mastery of preparing these amazing one pan wonders of Spain!
Paella Marinara
Seafood paella w/ fresh mussels, shrimp, calamari, saffron and arroz de Valencia.
Paella con Pollo y Linguiça
Chicken and linguiça paella w/ bell peppers, olives, peas, saffron and arroz de Valencia.
Paella Vegetariana
Vegetarian paella with zucchini, edamame, artichoke hearts, tomato and arroz de Valencia.

Spanish Cuisine/ Dinner Menus:

Spanish Cuisine Menu I/ Barcelona Nights/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Enjoy an enchanting day or evening creating this awe-inspiring Spanish Cuisine Menu!
Ensaladilla Rusa
A favorite at Tapas Bars throughout Spain this “Salad of Little Things” aka Russian Salad is a tantalizing salad comprised of new potatoes, green beans, artichoke hearts, diced carrots, cornichon, olives, peas and a garlicky Spanish alioli dressing.
Pollo a la Española
Browned and braised free-range chicken portions with paprika, red and green bell peppers, parsley, garlic, onions, smoked bacon lardons and plum tomatoes.
Acelgas con Pasas y Piñones
Sautéed rainbow chard with red onions, raisins, pine nuts, olive oil and a touch of cinnamon.
Brazos de Gitano/Gypsy’s Arm Cake
A rich dark chocolate-mocha flourless roulade cake, laced with Sherry wine and rolled up with a whipped cream filling. A favorite on feast days in Barcelona.

Spanish Cuisine Menu II/ The Catalan Excursion/ (135.) per person/ 3-hour class
Sopa de Cebolla con Azafrán
Pureed onion soup w/almonds and saffron.
Filete Asado
Marinated grilled skirt steak with coriander, chilies and garlic.
Coca de Espinacas
Spanish flatbread pizza w/ spinach, raisins, peppers and pine nuts.
Crema Catalana
Egg vanilla-cinnamon infused custard w/ "burnt" sugar crust.

Spanish Cuisine Menu III/ Splendors of Valencia/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Ensalada Mixta
Salad with romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes and cumin scented dressing.
Paella Valenciana
Paella with linguiça, chicken, peas, peppers, saffron, shrimp and Bomba rice.
Champiñones en Escabeche
Marinated mushroom in sherry wine, garlic, olive oil and herbs.
Flan de Naranja
Orange flan in pastry dough.

Spanish Cuisine Menu IV/ Alhambra Nights/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Croquetas de Bacalao
Crispy cod, potato and green onion fritters.
Chilled vegetable soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, pimientos, sherry vinegar and olive oil.
Pollo a la Española
Browned and braised free-range chicken portions with paprika, red and green bell, peppers, parsley, garlic, onions, smoked bacon lardons and plum tomatoes.
Tarta de Santiago
Galician almond torte.

Spanish Cuisine Menu V/ An Evening in Seville/ (125.) per person/ 3-hour class
Ensalada Fresca
Arugula, spinach, green onion, bread, olive and caper salad.
Roasted zucchini, fennel, bell peppers, squash and onion.
Sopa Cachorreña
Rich and hearty, fresh fish soup w/ red snapper, onions, celery, potatoes, chili flakes, plum tomatoes, orange juice, fish broth, garlic and fresh parsley.
Torrijas aka“Poor Knights”
Brioche or French bread soaked in rum-vanilla-cinnamon-cardamom-custard, fried to a golden brown in extra virgin olive oil and served with ice cream or mixed berry jam.