Classic French Sauces Workshop I and II 

Learn to make a full array of Classic French sauces just like you’d create in a professional kitchen! This class is an essential for cooks of all levels and combines the most important aspects of both sauce I and II, in one comprehensive 3.5-hour workshop. In this very approachable “hands on” class, we will focus on the methods and techniques in creating the basic French “mother” sauces and a variety of their derivative sauces. We will also pair sauces with appropriate proteins, starch and vegetable. Plenty to learn and plenty of good eats in this class! 

Saturday, April 29th, 2023/ 11am to 2:30 pm
*special* Popular Pick! ($135.) per person/ Inclusive! 4 openings available
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Sauce Espagnole: (Classic Brown Sauce), made from brown beef stock or brown veal stock, mirepoix, tomatoes, herbs and thickened with roux or starch slurry.
Derivative sauces: Sauce Marchand de Vin, Chasseur, Sauce au Poivre Vert, Sauce Robert....

Velouté: Made from chicken, shellfish, fish or white veal stock, mirepoix, and thickened with a starch slurry, roux or liaison
Derivative sauces: Sauce Supreme, Crevette, Marsala, Piccata....

Béchamel: Basic white sauce made from milk, white pepper, nutmeg and thickened with roux
Derivative sauces: Crème Sauce, Mornay, Chedder...