Gourmet Fish Cookery

An uncomplicated approach to the methods of Fish Cookery, implementing a variety of cooking techniques
Baking, steaming, pan-fry roasting and poaching) all with delicious sauces, accompaniments and the most amazing results!

Thursday, October 6th, 2022/ 6pm to 9pm

*Chef's Pick* $135. per person/ sold out

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Fresh Cod Baked en Papillote

Fresh cod baked/ steamed in parchment paper

with julienne leeks-carrots and herbed compound butter

Perfectly Poached Salmon

Poached salmon in white wine-lemon-herb broth,

with tarragon-parsley-lemon-caper dressing

Pan Fried/ Roasted Striped Sea Bass

Pan fried/ roasted sea bass w/ roast garlic and red bell pepper sauce, fingerling potatoes and charred broccolini.