The Aquitaine to Brittany Connection/ French Bistro

The Aquitaine to Brittany Connection
French Bistro
As we take this culinary journey from the inner regions of the Aquitaine to the shores of Brittany, we’ll indulge in the sumptuous delights of creating these absolutely delicious, gourmet French Bistro masterpieces!
Tuesday, May 17th, 2022/ 6pm to 9pm/ private group class/ sold out
(125.) per person! Inclusive

(Available for private group classes of 6 or more)

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Salade Frisée au Fromage de Chèvre

Curly lettuces with warm goat cheese croustades, sunburst tomatoes and tarragon-vinaigrette

Gratin de Fruits de Mer / Seafood St. Jacques

Baked seafood gratin of shrimp, cod and scallops, bound in a sublime fish Velouté sauce and topped off with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs.

Pommes Duchesse

Fancy spiral piped puréed potatoes seasoned with nutmeg and white pepper, drizzled with butter and baked to a golden brown

Pastis Gascon

Fresh apple torte, scented with orange blossom water and brandy, baked in layers of flaky phyllo dough and served with mixed berry coulis