The Marrakesh Express/ Fine Moroccan Cooking

   What a deliciously fun culinary journey we'll have creating this tantalizing Moroccan Feast!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024/ 6pm to 9pm/ sold out
popular pick! (135.) per person

(Also available for a private group class of six or more on a date of your choosing)

Includes all instruction, recipes, food cost, equipment, taxes, plenty to eat and lots of fun!

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Cucumber and Olive Salad / Shlada FekkousWa Zitoun

Cucumber, olive, za'atar and fresh lemon salad with grilled flatbread

Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Stew / Marak Gar'a Wa Batat Helwa

Butternut squash, chickpea and sweet potato stew in a saffron, turmeric and ginger broth.

Chicken Tagine/ Tagine Djej Bil

Chicken braised in a rich broth of onions, carrots, apricots, saffron, almonds and spices served over couscous.

Moroccan Yogurt Cake / Meskouta

Lemon-orange yogurt cake with honey-lemon-orange blossom syrup.