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June 2022:
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Fun Summertime Desserts! Saturday, June 25th/ 11am to 6pm (110.) per person

We’ll have a blast creating these summertime or anytime mouthwatering desserts! -Gooey and Chocolatey re-imagined S’mores Cookies, Luscious Strawberry Shortcake, Tangy Key Lime Bars and Financiers Cakes (almond-brown butter cakes) with various toppings: almonds, raspberry, slices plums and chocolate chunks. 😋 Great to take on a picnic, to a party or for a super fun dessert buffet!

July 2022:
Summer break June 26th through July 14th. Sign-ups, gift certificates and private group bookings are still available during the break.
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The Pizza Party Class! Private Group Class/ Thursday July 14th/ 6pm to 9pm/ sold out
In this class we’ll make quality, handcrafted, scratch made pizza doughs fashioned into beautiful thin crust style pizzas w/ tomato and white sauces and an endless variety of tasty toppings: Including, Margherita Pizza, Potato-Apple-Rosemary, Roast Veggie, Cured Meats, Cheeses the Kitchen Sink and more!

Chicken Cookery Class/ Wednesday, July 20th/ 6pm to 9pm *special* (110.) per person/ open

An easy approach to the essential methods and techniques of chicken cookery (braising, roasting and sautéing). In this class, you are sure to gain an air of confidence with the most incredible, palate pleasing results! Coq au Vin (Chicken fricassee braised in a luscious red wine sauce of mushrooms, pearl onions and lardons), Poulet Rôti (The perfect, whole roasted chicken w/ fresh herbs and aromatics), Sauté de Poulet au Citron et aux Câpres (Sautéed boneless, skinless chicken breast paillards w/ lemon, caper, parsley and butter sauce) Accompanied with tomato Provençal, roasted creamer potatoes and arugula salad.

The Breakfast Club/ Saturday, July 23rd/ 11am to 2pm (110.) per person/ open

A super fun Saturday creating this scrumptiously delicious, mouthwatering, breakfast-bruncheon feast! Learn to make the perfect “do ahead” poached eggs for the eggs Benedict along with the Canadian bacon, English muffins and a fluffy buttery-lemon hollandaise sauce, the best scratch made crunchy granola, souffléed pancakes and more! Featuring: Blueberry “Souffléed” Buttermilk Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Home-Made Rolled Oat-Walnut-Cardamom-Currant Granola and Citrus Fruit Mélange. We'll make them all!

The Ultimate Stir Fry Class! Thursday, July 28th/ 6pm to 9pm (110.) per person/ open

Your stress-free path to delicious, quick, fresh and healthy stir fry! In this class prep is key, once completed the dishes take only minutes to cook! Great for tuning up your knife skills as well! Portobello-Veggie-Ginger Stir Fry, Stir-Fried Shrimp with Snow Peas & Red Bell Pepper, Chicken-Green Bean-Thai Basil Stir Fry.

August 2022:
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Knife Skills Class/ Tuesday, August 2nd/ 6pm to 9pm/ Essential (95.) per person/ open

An essential for home cooks, chefs, novices and culinary wizards alike. Learn to hone, sharpen, position, slice, dice, chiffonade, mince and julienne just like a pro! Plus, a whole chicken breakdown demonstration at the end of class. Also included delicious noshes such as veggie/meat/cheese flatbreads and our class made salsa with chips.

Fisherman's Wharf/ An Evening in San Francisco/ Thursday, August 4th/ 6pm to 9pm/ Customer Favorite! (125.) per person/ open

Enjoy a cozy evening creating these mouthwatering, fun to make San Francisco favorites! Classic Caesar Salad, Fresh Seafood Cioppino, Grilled Lemon-Pepper Asparagus and Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. YUM!

Pasta Sauce Class/ Spaghetti Western! Tuesday, August 9th/ 6pm to 9pm (110.) per person/ open
In this class we’ll create a sumptuous bounty of delicious homemade Italian pasta sauces that will sure to be your go to weeknight or anytime favorites! All of these delicious sauces will be paired and cooked to order with high quality Durum wheat-semolina pastas.
Spaghetti Carbonara, Penne w/ Zesty Puttanesca Sauce, Fusilli w/ Kale-Basil-Spinach-Pesto and Rigatoni Rigate w/ Rich and Meaty Bolognese Sauce

Café Ma Maison/ French Cafe/ Saturday, August 13th/ 11am to 2pm *special* (110.) per person/ open

Delicious and fabulously fun to make, French café favorites! Onion Soup Gratin, Salade Niçoise, Champignons au Beurre d'Ail and Biscuits au Citron

Summer Comfort Favorites/ BB-Q and Company / Thursday, August 18th/ 6pm to 9pm (125.) per person/ open

What a blast we’ll have creating this delicious, down home, summer comfort menu! We’ll make an amazing homemade Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauced Roasted Chicken, Yellow and Green Wax Bean Salad with Arugula-Mint Pesto, Roasted Yukon Golds with Grainy Mustard Sauce and mouthwatering Blackberry Buckle topped with Vanilla ice cream. This menu is perfect for both indoor and outdoor BBQ!

London Calling! Pub Night Favorites/ Thursday, August 25th/ 6pm to 9pm Chef's Pick! (110.) per person/ open

Perfect-Golden-Crisp, Beer Battered Fish Filets, French Fries (chips), Pub Salad w/ Stilton Blue Cheese Dressing and Sticky Toffee Pudding topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

September 2022:
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Gourmet Fish Cookery Class/ Thursday, September 8th/ 6pm to 9pm/ Chef's Pick! (135.) per person/ open

An uncomplicated approach to the methods of Fish Cookery, implementing a variety of cooking techniques (baking, steaming, pan-fry roasting and poaching) all with delicious sauces, accompaniments and the most amazing results! Wild Cod Baked in Parchment w/ julienne vegetables and herbed compound butter, Perfectly Poached Salmon w/ tarragon-parsley-lemon-caper dressing and Pan Fried/ Roasted Sea Bass w/ roast garlic-red bell pepper sauce and charred broccolini.

The Paella Festival! Thursday, September 15th, 6pm to 9pm/ Gluten Free! Customer Favorite (110.00) per person/ open

Learn the skill and finesse in mastering these delightfully sumptuous Spanish Paella creations from the coastal region of Valencia and beyond! Paella Marinara (seafood), Paella con Pollo y Linguiça (chicken and linguiça sausage) and Paella Vegetariana (vegetarian). All made with authentic Bomba or Arroz de Valencia and naturally gluten free!

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